2016-2017 Projects

Focus Fidgets

Team: Mae Dotan (Team Lead), Ana Flooks, Emily Zhang, Emily Cai, Serena Le, Cindy Si

Recently, children are spending more time in the classroom and less time moving around. Their naturally short attention spans hinders their ability to learn; they have trouble concentrating and need to move around and fidget. Through Focus Fidgets, we provide children with an outlet, by letting them fidget while maintaining a classroom learning environment that is not distracting or disruptive. Focus Fidgets is a multi-fidget object (either pencil case or bottle cover), which carries multiple fidgets on its body that attend to various sensory needs. Through discussions with occupational therapists in elementary school, we have worked to create a product that is hard to lose, durable, not distracting or disruptive, and nontoxic. We are currently working to improve durability and adjustability in our product. We hope that Focus Fidgets can become accessible to many students and help improve classroom atmosphere and satisfaction from learning!


Team: Rui Song and Anna Fountain (Co-Team Leads), Sonja Lindberg, Joanna Cohen, Samira Okudo, Ariel Levy


Team: Akshay Ravikumar (Team Lead), Felipe Monsalve, Kaymie Shiozawa, Rick Huang, Kimberly Yu

Teachers spend hours create lessons and building a curriculum, but we’ve found that online educational resources tend to be disorganized and hard to navigate. To make these resources more accessible, we’re working on Lessonate, a smart lesson-planning tool for math teachers. Lessonate helps them generate math problems ranging in complexity, and makes it easy for them to turn these into worksheets. We hope that Lessonate will help teachers, especially new ones, save time while creating high-quality lesson plans!

Assistive Technology Team

Team: Erica Green (Team Lead), Carly Silvernale, Hind Saleh, Rachel Adenekan, Ananya Nandy, Kelly Chen

We are exploring solutions in assistive technology and inclusive design. We are currently working with a user named Burt, a power wheelchair user with limited fine finger dexterity. We have designed a device that will help him perform everyday tasks that involve pinching, peeling, or pulling -- such as opening a bag of chips or plastic packaging. We have prototyped several designs of portable, lightweight devices with manually deployable blades that cater to Burt’s abilities. We would like to continue to test and iterate on these designs and create a higher quality prototype.


Team: Evan Tey (Team Lead), Kelvin Lu, Jessica Tang, Hoang Nguyen, Matt Johnston, Kiera Gavin

Our project's name is Consensus and we're trying to help teachers better understand their students' confusion. Everyone gets confused in class at some point -- whether you can’t hear the teacher, fell asleep, or got distracted by your friend on their phone. Right now, the only way teachers can gauge student understanding during class is with clickers, but clickers have a very specific flow -- teachers ask a question (typically regarding class content) and students answer.

Consensus is a webapp for students to better communicate their confusion. When you’re starting to feel lost, simply click a button to indicate your confusion. You can then ask anonymous questions or upvote other students’ questions. All of this information will be sent to the teacher or TA who can then adapt class to address the confusion.

Green Team

Team: Allison Tam and Karen Fan (Co-Team Leads), Margaret Yu

The Green team is committed to promoting sustainability on campus by empowering students with data! Most people don't qualitatively know how much they impact the environment everyday by leaving the lights on or by taking long showers. We want to help others understand their impact. We plan on partnering with UA sustainability to provide visualizations during the spring inter-dorm energy competition. We are also working with the administration to create a portal for students to view news, local events, and petitions related to sustainability.


Team: Wei Xun He (Lead), Sherri Green, Dheekshita Kumar

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