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Hackshops are interactive sessions that teach students at MIT basic technical skills in a variety of areas, from shop skills to electronics to programming. Through these hackshops, students of all majors can build a bolstered toolbelt that enables them to prototype quickly and confidently in many different projects. We hope that hackshops can provide students with a strong prototyping foundation so that they have the resources they need to tackle their own projects outside of the classroom.

Past Hackshops

Arduino hack

Arduino Hackshop

Have you ever wondered how an Arduino works? Our Arduino Hackshop will have separate Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced Arduino workshops in which you'll use the power of electronics to control LEDs, sensors, speakers, and more. Mentors will be available to help you bring your personal projects to life or help you follow along with the provided projects.

App hack

App Design Hackshop

At this hackshop, students not only learned how to build an iOS app, but also how to come up with great app ideas. We worked with several undergraduate and graduate MIT students to teach students how to ideate, paper prototype, use good UI/UX, and code their apps. Students worked in groups to bring their app ideas to life and gain the momentum to carry out their projects even after the hackshop.

Illustrator hack

Graphic Design Hackshop

The graphic design hackshop teaches students how to think about all of the factors that go into great design. We worked with Tank Design to teach students the thinking behind typography, imagery, and sleek layout design, as well as the basics of Illustrator. We then gave students the opportunity to work on their own project ideas so that they could really learn how to apply graphic design concepts to their creations.

3dmodeling hack

3D Modeling + 3D Printing Hackshop

At this hackshop, students learn the basics of 3D printing prototyping, from 3D modeling to how 3D FDM printers work to obtaining the actual 3d printed piece. With the help of CAPINC, we teach students the basics of Solidworks and help students design their own 3D keychain. Students then get to keep a 3D printed copy of their design after the hackshop is over.